Dear Honorable Colleagues,

Happy Independence day, I will like to use this auspicious occassion of our dear country Nigeria’s independence to to inform you of recent development at your national office.

In collaboration with gsk two webinars were organized in the month of April and August 2016, on Antimicrobial discourse with Pharmacists and the training of  our members on repiratory diseases and the effective use of inhalation and other devices.

I on your behalf attended the FIP World congress 2016 in Buenos Aires ,Argentina between the 28 August to 1st of September 2016 With the Theme: Rising to the challenge : reducing the global burden of disease . From the conference i was able procure a CD that will be sold to all branches for our members to learn the appropiate use of medical devices and other informations. 

 We have on the 30/09/16 sign an MoU with ULCO . This new relationship will help in the remodelling of our premises physically and equiping them with state of the art software that will help our practice in inventory management. ULCO will also enhance our access to finance by securing reasonable sources for the purchase of pharmaceuticals and other health commodities, while ensuring prompt and steady supply of drugs to our premises without colleagues leaving their premises.

I am working with the Deputy President south of the PSN to expand the proposal I earlier submitted on your behalf to NHIS to a position paper which the PSN President and myself will be sseing theHonorable Minister of Health and the Executive Secretary National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) with, to increase our involvement/participation in the scheme and also to ensure that the scheme is implement using global best practice(Droping the obnoxious Global Capitation) 

We have submitted a memorandu as requested on the amendment of the NAFDAC act to the National Assembly in which we advocate for increase Presence of PCN Personnel in the state and National Task Force on fake ,counterfiet and unwholesome  products. Again the need to increase activities of the task force and penalty for offenders.

I have been working with FETS on the collaboration with our members to serve as outlets where PHCN and other utility bills can be paid. The initial phase of about sixty premises with kick from Ikeja Lagos.

Our DIC has continue to remind us of the world health important days, carries out some activities on world hand washing day, world pharmacists day, etc and also make publications. We have funded a research which will be presented at the PSN conference on Lassa fever.

I will finally like to remind us of our collective resolve to increase our subcription to ULCO by enconraging our members to at least make a minimum of twenty thousand naira subcription, and also our levy for the ACPN national property . We are the largest and the strongest arm of the PSN we must appropiately take our rightful place.

Looking forward to seeing you at the PSN conference .


God bless ACPN and all its members,

God bless pharmacy Profession , 

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you .

Dr. Kelong Albert Alkali (JP)FPCPHARM