Access to unbiased and evidence-based drug information by all people.


To build the capacity of community pharmacists in Nigeria to provide unbiased, evidence-based and up-to-date drug information services promptly to other healthcare professionals and the public in order to promote patient-focused care and rational use of medicines thereby reducing mortality and morbidity.

Aims of the center:

  • To promote patient-focused care by community pharmacists in Nigeria.
  • To improve health-outcomes in Nigeria.
  • To improve intra and inter professional collaboration among healthcare professionals in Nigeria.
  • To generate useful health-data for national interventions.
  • To encourage research.
  • To contribute maximally to reduction of morbidity and mortality.

 Current Functions of the Centre:

  • Production of Association of Community Pharmacists Drug Bulletin. The bulletin focuses mainly on specific disease conditions with emphasis on the pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of the disease. It has a bias for drug management. The bulletin targets pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Production of various patient information leaflets circulated through community pharmacies to the public.
  • Production of You and Your Pharmacist magazine. You and Your Pharmacist has the peculiarity of passing health information to the public in a hilarious way. It makes use of cultural beliefs and attitudes to drive positive behavioural changes.
  • Production of some audio visuals for public education.
  • Organisation of activities for community pharmacies around some world health concern days to create public awareness and education.
  • Promotion of pharmaceutical care through production of: (a.) Patient Medication Records to capture patient’s medical records, present and past medications and interventions, (b.) Referral Booklets for the pharmacists to fill while referring the patient thereby promoting inter-professional collaboration and (c.) Prescription Booklets to encourage prescriptions from doctors.
  • Capacity building of community pharmacists through: (a.) Trainings and (b.) Workshops 

In-view:  Ask your Pharmacist.

Passive Drug Information Services and Poison Centre or Corner: This involves query management and is the most needed service especially in our developing world where there is overwhelming quest for drug information and gross reliable information resources deficiency. Most of what we can boast of achieving as a DIC is Active Drug Information Service. This service will soon be available to the Pharmacist, other healthcare providers and the public. 

For more information, contact your pharmacist @ Drug Information Centre (DIC), Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), 13 Ladipo kuku street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.