The identification of the Pharmacy Retail outlet started since 1976 so that the lay public can know where to send in their prescriptions for purchase of medicines recommended to them by the medical doctor.  

This professional sign called the “Pharmacy Rx Emblem” is a green cross on a white background made with plastic mounted on an aluminum rust-free panel; the word “PHARMACY” is written in red colour below the cross; the name of the Superintendent Pharmacist is written at the bottom part on plastic removable piece.  It is important to note that the emblem is numbered as “PSN 0000” or otherwise.

The “Rx Sign” is a symbol with which the general public is guaranteed to where quality products and excellent professional Pharmaceutical care and Services are provided.

The general public should therefore watch out for the Emblem before patronizing any drug or medicine shops because the Emblem guarantees;

  • Professionalism/Pharmaceutical Care Services
  • Health Education and Drug Information
  • Counselling and Proper use of Medication

N. B:This is a mark of identification for Registered and Pharmacists Owned Premises (Retails).

The Community Pharmacist apart from dispensing medicines on prescriptions written by medical doctors and counselling patients on medication, he also carries out primary healthcare services, public health education/campaign awareness, diagnostic testing services – measuring blood pressure, testing for blood sugar, body mass index, ovulation and pregnancy testing, HIV/AIDs testing etc.

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